Sold! Three More Books!

Little Frog in My Garden

I was excited to sell three more books to my publisher: a Highland Wolf book, Red Wolf book, and another Wolff Brothers Wolf book (Silver Town Wolves). Now I have to write them. They’ll be coming out in 2021. The books for next year are all written. Yay!

And I’m nearing the end of writing Cougar Halloween Mischief. I’m just working on the Halloween party, wrapping up loose ends and adding some more character details and it will be off to beta readers.

And my publisher sold the audiobook rights to the Wolff Brothers book: You Had Me at Wolf, coming out in February! Yay!

Shoulder was killing me again at 4 am, so got up and exercised it. Teach it to keep me awake, so I put it through its torturous routine. My gel pack heating pad broke. So need to make a rice one, but no rice.

Now I’m off to do edits and then get back to writing the novella.

Have a wonderful day!!!


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