Cougar Halloween Mischief is Done!

It’s off to beta readers!

I’m in limbo now. I love it when I can do what I want. On the other hand, I’m not sure which direction I should take. And then I’ll have to start working on the contracted books again. I need to write another Highland book. I have a cover. I just need to write the story.

I just picked up yet ANOTHER cover for a fae book, and I started writing on it last night. Angel Fae.

If it takes off, I’ll finish it, but I have a ton of other stories I’ve started that I’d love to finish. And stories I need to revise that are finished. But when I mean I have to revise them, I mean majorly. Sometimes it’s easier writing a new story. But some of my best selling books have been revisions of earlier stories. So I’m not giving up on them!

I’ve been getting caught up on cleaning. Another 3:30 am wake up. Ugh. And I need to finish 3 bears and ship them, so I’m working on one of them this morning too.

So I’m in…limbo. Where will my muse take me today? Wake. Up. Muse.

*sigh* Maybe I will be museless today and just do my own thing without her.

Have a great day full of inspiration!


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