You Want Me to Do What?

These bears and a couple of others are ready to ship. Just have to wait for the rains to stop and the temperature has dropped from the 80s to the 50s with it feeling like the 40s. Brrr. But I’m glad!!

So I got first edits back on Red Wolf Christmas and the editor wants me to take out whole scenes and rewrite huge sections. Everything in a story is connected. It’s like a train running down the track. Oh, just remove that car and half of that one while it’s still moving down the tracks. It’s like a train wreck waiting to happen.

Say what? You remove one thing and it can change tons of other scenes. I know. Because I’ve done it.

One kiss moved to an earlier part of the story has a rippling effect. One person removed, changes scene after scene. I did that on my own in a story before I turned it in because I didn’t want to give up rights to the character. But I had to change scenes all over the place when I removed him. Same with another story that I decided to remove some extra ghosts. It was really hard finding all the phantom mentions in the story and after two beta readers read it, one of my editors said, “You mention ghosts, but there’s only one left here.”

Right. But there had been more. She just didn’t know it.

Will changing everything improve the book? Maybe. Maybe not.

Years ago, an editor told me to remove a scene or make it have more impact on the story. It was an important part of the story. It’s not just a connecting part, but these two teens were having trouble with bullies and the scene needed to be. But I gave it even more importance, added depth to the characters, and it worked.

I think that’s what I need to do here. Add something that makes the scene more important to the story. Now what could that be? Still thinking on it.

I’m still waiting on my final beta reader’s notes and then I’ll finish up Cougar Halloween Mischief. I have five more bear orders, but I’m waiting on payment before I embroider the paws. I’ve finished bears completely, then the buyer never pays me and I’ve had to pull the bear apart, rip out the paws, and sew in new paws and then put the bear back together again–way too much work to do for no reason. So when it’s someone who hasn’t bought from me before, I will make the bears, but when I’m ready to embroider the paws, I need payment first.

I’ve also bought three plaids from Scotland for customers who never paid me for the bears. My bad. The fabric is very expensive, and I never sell the bears. New rule: I order plaid from Scotland for a customer, the bear is paid for upfront. I don’t even make my money back on one bear with the plaid, but maybe 3 bears will do it. Some I make money back on. Some I never do.

Okay, I’m off to do something until it stops raining and the post office opens so I can send these little bears on their way.

Have a wonderful day!!! I love the cold and rain!


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