More Edits!

Just when I think I’m free and clear to do my own thing…

I finished editing Cougar Halloween Mischief, and am formatting it for publication today and publishing it today….Yay!

But on top of the rewrites they want me to do on Red Wolf Christmas, they sent me edits on Night of the Billionaire Wolf. *sigh* I’ll probably work on that one first. That’s second edits, so it’s not as bad, usually. I haven’t had time to look at it. Still thinking on how to make that other scene more important in Red Wolf Christmas.

I have so many books I’ve finished and am revising from time to time, and so many I’ve written partials on, I’ve been revisiting them. One time, I took two stories that had the same feel to them and combined them and I had my book. I did that with one of the YA vampire stories I’m working on. I loved both vampire stories, but combining them (Night of the Vampire, book 3) and making them fit the first book in the series (Kiss of the Vampire, book 1 out now) was even better. Now I have nearly 14,000 on it, but it’s the 3rd book in the series. The 2nd book is at 9,000 (Bite of the Vampire). But I want to keep working on both of them when I have time and finish them up finally. At least I have covers for them. There are 4 male teen vampire princes though in the Blood Moon Series. So that means I’ll need to write one more for the 4th prince.

Today, we’re pumpkin carving at my daughter and SIL’s, and she brought my granddaughter over to play with me for a short while yesterday. I haven’t seen her since Wednesday last week when I broke my toe. Even with having her over yesterday afternoon, I had to put my foot up so she couldn’t step on it. We kept telling her Grandma hurt her toe and she kept wanting to touch the booboo. Ack! I still can’t get a boot on, too bruised and too much pressure on the toe. But I was thrilled to be able to see her and she was likewise. Nothing better than toddler cuddles.

Up at 4 am, so off to begin the process of getting Cougar ready to publish! Yay!

Have a wonderful day!!!


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2 thoughts on “More Edits!

  1. Congratulation My Multitasking friend.
    When you say ” I am Publishing” this are eBooks?
    I am glad you got to see Princess Fairy… yes Grand babies cuddles are the Best♥

    • Yes, indie books. I don’t know if it’s long enough to put it in print, but I’ll check. 🙂 The others are SB books and I’m about halfway through edits on one and then I will need to read through it again and send it back in.

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