The Stare Down

I loved the pose, the expression…

So I finished the print version of Cougar Halloween Mischief and it should be available soon. I have to take little one to the doctor this morning, and we’re going to have all our fun decorating. I bought some Christmas bells for her to jingle. Hope to take pictures of her adding ornaments to the tree. We’re going to make chocolate chip cookies, and take a long walk so I can pay my home owner dues, and just plain have fun.

And one of my dogs has kennel cough. Hopefully he doesn’t give it to my other dog. They both had shots for it, but this has happened before where they are immunized for kennel cough and both got it anyway.

I’m off to get ready before little one comes!

Have a beautiful day!!!


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2 thoughts on “The Stare Down

    You have plenty of things to do, the walk will be alright you are at 63 F to my 36 F
    yeah I found that funny the same numbers inverse
    That is a great Expression.

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