Do Not Touch

Coral at the aquarium in Omaha

Simply touching corals to see what they feel like can cause the death of an entire colony. Oils from your skin can disturb the delicate mucous membranes that protect the coral.

Fairy sculpture

In Greece, they told us that people touched the statues so much, they wore off body parts. I don’t have any pictures that I took there. Just think if millions of people touched the fairy’s fine, detailed features how they could be worn off to a smooth nothingnesss.

So look, don’t touch, like I tell my granddaughter all the time as we find all the beautiful little monarch caterpillars and their cocoons. Enjoy the beauty with our eyes.

I’ve got 8 more chapters to edit on Joy to the Wolves, 22 chapters done. Yay! Off to finish it today!

Have a great day!!!


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