Magic in the World

Kitten up for adoption I captured at a cat show. He needs some magic in his world. A home. A family to love and play with. I took one home like that and she was wonderful-16 years of love. She was this age when I took her in. But my Son-in-Law is deathly allergic to cats, so no more kitten adoptions.

I finished reading Hero of a Highland Wolf and I need to read Heart of the Highland Wolf now because I figured out who Enrick needs to have a relationship with. Heather MacNeill, and all I remember about her was that Ian, pack leader and cousin, was always trying to keep her under his control. So I need to read more about her again, and still trying to figure out a story, plot, beginning and then will run with it.

If you signed up for my newsletter and didn’t receive it, email me at : and I’ll send you one so you can enter the contest. I looked to see when new signups occurred, but couldn’t tell by the listing. It used to show by date.

I signed up to do a Facebook Christmas giveaway on Dec 23. Time is flying!!!!!

This afternoon, my granddaughter and I are visiting her mom’s workplace and seeing all the gingerbread houses the school cafeteria staff made and the doors the staff decorated. And I have babysitting duty Thursday night while mom and dad go to a Christmas party.

I still want to do a little more on Joy to the Wolves, so haven’t turned it in yet. I might get it done tomorrow.

Hope you have a fun day too!!!


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2 thoughts on “Magic in the World

  1. I love this Picture Magic !
    I will need to connect with you in your email from my personal email account I have another account that i use for buying stuff or other but don’t get them very often.
    Take care , glad to read you are going to get more Highland Wolf books.
    You were in the low 30s today … I was at – 18 F at 9″07 am I could no get warm yet I have to go to town as was impossible Monday or Tuesday.

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