I Feel Like I Have

a million things to do.

I was playing with the picture a bit…

I had my granddaughter packed in the car, ready to go to my daughter’s gingerbread house and chili dinner and my car wouldn’t start. She came home and to pick us up and I went home with my son-in-law, and of course, when he checked it out, my car started. BUT, the oil needs to be changed indicator came on, and the overhead light dimmed. So I need to get an oil change, and I’ll see if it is: starter, alternator, battery. I just hope it starts this morning. And I hope they can figure it out if it does start alright.

I’ve got so many things I need to do–pay bills, renewed RWA membership (Romance Writers), ship a Christmas package and ship books (but I’m waiting on the books for both), and get groceries. I just need to make a list of all that needs to be done so I don’t have to try to store it all in my tired brain.

Do you make lists? I used to be a slave to lists, so I quit writing them except for when I need to get groceries. But sometimes, like now, they would be helpful!

I’m still trying to come up with a story idea for the Highland book. Story idea, where are you?

I have to get ready to run. I have to take care of little one this afternoon, and pick her up, if my car is running. Otherwise, they’ll have to drop her off. So I need to get all this stuff done before I have to take care of her.

Have a super day!!


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4 thoughts on “I Feel Like I Have

  1. Good luck with all your to dos. Lists are helpful just not all the time. I hope your car is ok and Merry Christmas! So fun to be with little ones at this time of year!

  2. That’s so annoying when a vehicle doesn’t start specially at winter time.
    Don’t you do a pre winter check up, tires, oil, other fluids windshield wipers and battery check
    Octubre begins and I have all of that done.
    Doing list sometimes for stuff I want to get done in the house i keep where I can cross them out.
    Grocery list JAJA 99% of the time I forget !
    have a good day
    Snow again stopped my trip to town

    • Lol on leaving your grocery list behind. I’ve done that. 🙂 I think it’s the battery. I tried to start it this morning and it said it was shutting down to save the battery.

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