My Car is Broken

It won’t start so the only way to explain that to a toddler is: it’s broken.

That’s how it feels to me too. It won’t work. It’s broken. Where I lived before, I had a great mechanic who lived near me. He always fixed things and I never worried about being overcharged or told I needed something I didn’t need.

Here, I don’t know who to call.

Anyway, I feel that my granddaughter never left. By the time her parents picked her up last night, it felt it was practically time for her to be dropped off again early this morning. We always have fun though.

Okay, we’re off to take a walk in the cold!

Have a great day!!


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2 thoughts on “My Car is Broken

  1. WOW, Terry I feel your pain, and you explained very well to Princess Fairy, to bad she could no fix it.
    When we need to fix our vehicles we drive 38 miles away to get it fix.
    Battery? when was the last time you have and oil change?
    didn’t you noted something different yesterday when you went to See the Gingerbread at your daughters work place? or driving back, none of those no so funny lights that sometimes come on in vehicles?

    • I couldn’t start it when I was going to take little one to my daughter’s work. She had to drive home and get me. Hopefully, we’ll get it in tomorrow to figure out what’s wrong and fix it. 🙂

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