It’s Coming!

2020 is nearly here! Are you ready? I was doing some last minute errands early this morning, hoping to beat the crowds!!! A guy behind me at the grocery store said to the clerk, “We had to get something to drink because the water tastes awful here.” I had to laugh. The water was fine here when I moved here. Crawford water was fine. Waco water is not.

My battery was going out on my scale, and you know you can’t know how much you’re overeating unless you can weigh yourself! *sigh* It’s the holidays, I keep telling myself. And then I remind myself that’s no excuse. lol

So do you have plans for the New Year? Writing for me!!! I finished two more scenes yesterday in Joy to the Wolves, the Christmas book for next year. I have one last one to revise. I plan to do that this morning. I also worked on Vampire Redemption, behind on my daily word count since I was working on Joy to the Wolves yesterday, but still got some done, so not a total loss.

I’ve been watching the Mandalorian and the Witcher series. I want to get back to Game of Thrones and watch it from the beginning. I think I reached 5 and then stopped because I got busy with writing contracts. I’m a binge watcher, and it’s hard for me to stop once I get started on a series. Which means I need to get my word count in before I get started on TV.

I have the same problem with playing RPGs. I get started and don’t want to stop. One more quest. One more big boss to defeat. Armor to upgrade. I was playing one where I was able to upgrade my armor to such an extent, I actually finished the game with ease. I loved it. I know. I know. Where is the challenge in that?

Merry Christmas Eve. I’m off to write!


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