Happy New Year!

In one of my cougar shifter stories, I have the heroine home alone on New Year’s Eve, but she can’t quit thinking about the bad guy she’s trying to take down–she’s a special agent with an agency–and so she gets herself into a mess, meets a deputy sheriff, also a cougar, who wonders what she’s thinking when she’s involved in a shootout in a ghost town, and that’s her wild and exciting New Year’s Eve. Her new year’s resolution is to have a great New Year’s, without the shootouts and all, for next New Year’s Eve.

Hope you all are having a lovely day today. I finally figured out how to assign skills to my characters in the game and guess what? I’m killing the monsters so much more easily! Which is a good thing because the next level is supposed to be really tough, so the Tower Avator warned me, and I was already having trouble. My kids laugh at me. My daughter told me I go into battles without the skills and armor and then wonder why I’m dying.

But hey, I watched a video a player had posted and his team was annihilated twice because he had his tank, the heavily armored guy, hiding in the background. He needs to be up close and personal with the bad guys to whittle down their health. An air elemental was chasing them around while they were trying to hide around rocks the second time. Didn’t work. So I didn’t feel so bad about two of my earlier battles. I know, misery loves company.

But I’m back in the game. Writing first though. I did 2500 words on the vampire story yesterday, but now I need to get onto writing the deadline book.

Have a wonderful day! I’m ready to eliminate some monsters and make the world right again.


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