Yes, Distractions, but…

Lionesses at the Houston Zoo

So yesterday, I was in the zone for writing Vampire Redemption, but I’m still sick, at least in the morning it was really bad and I’ve nearly got 3,000 words. Nothing is stopping me.

Then my daughter calls. “Are you well enough to go shopping at garden centers?”

OMG yes. I mean, I was feeling better by then, and she read about companion plants to me that will help keep the bugs off the ones you want to keep bug free, while we kept throwing her corgis outside. Both have diarrhea now, and she was doing what I was doing, cleaning out crates, bedding, floors. I’m so glad they’re home. lol

They love me though and were eager to see me again, after I had them Friday through Sunday. Little one was at daycare. So my daughter and I had lunch out, then went to Home Depot and Lowes. I picked up some bark mulch and flower seeds. One of my neighbors calls me the flower lady. Some call me the bear lady. Others the wolf lady. lol

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So despite having lunch out, picked up some bark mulch and a few flower seeds, I managed to write 4,000 words on Vampire Redemption. I wanted to do more, but I was sick again in the evening and so tired from not sleeping that I went to bed early.

I’m feeling better this morning, but have a dental appointment. Important, of course, but a necessary evil.

I’m off to write before I have to leave. Must get word count on Highland Wolf today. I’m nearly done with Vampire Redemption, which is why I could write so much on it yesterday. Yay!!

I’ll probably let it sit once it’s done and read it over a little later to make sure I didn’t leave loose ends in the story. And then I’ll try and write a jaguar novella while I’m working on Highland Wolf.

Have a super, fun day!!! I’m off to write!


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