We Survived the Weekend!

Other than one of the corgis being sick all weekend, which meant cleaning up diarrhea in her crate, two mornings in a row, the floor, and washing all the dog bedding and her, and the floors where she tracked it through the house, other than the other corgi throwing up in the house and leaving a present in my bedroom, and one of my dogs throwing up on the patio, and other than my granddaughter and I being sick still, it was a great weekend!

They look so adorable, it’s hard to believe they can be such a mess. lol They’re all very lovable.

I actually got 8 hours of sleep yesterday, miraculous! Not this morning. I was sick again. ugh. She and the dogs went home last night. Nice and quiet. My dogs went to bed early and I played my game. Oh, and I did edit more pages of Vampire Redemption. I tried to write, but with 4 dogs and one toddler, impossible.

But she was really good the whole weekend, and we took a 2-mile walk yesterday because we felt better. She didn’t miss her parents, knew they were coming back for her and that was my biggest worry. And getting her to sleep so I could sleep some! At her young age, it’s iffy, but she does spend a couple of days a week with me, so she’s used to being here. And naps and nighttime? We had a routine, and it worked!

So I’m off to write because Friday I didn’t get my word count, too sick, and I have to get it today!

Hope you’re having a great start to the week!


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2 thoughts on “We Survived the Weekend!

  1. Good afternoon Terry
    WOW, what a weekend you have.
    A child that KNOWS LOVE, will Be Okay at Grandma’s overnight

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