Still Battling a Head Cold

Need to get my writing done today. I was thinking, probably with a cold-congested head, that my granddaughter and the corgis would be here tomorrow, but nope! They will be here this afternoon through the weekend, so that means I need to get ready, get my writing done early, and be prepared.

I coughed all night last night and all day yesterday, so still battling this cold.

Hope you are all bug free and enjoying the weekend!!!


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2 thoughts on “Still Battling a Head Cold

    • Thanks, Tom! Last time little one came to stay overnight, I was sick that time too. I couldn’t sleep all night, then finally fell asleep early in the morning and woke to find little one gone. She had gone into my sewing room, let the corgis out of their crates, and dumped my sewing supplies all over the floor. She had barricaded herself in accidentally, and the dogs were barking, “Let us out!” lol What a disaster. Hopefully, it will be better this time since I have 2 nights and 3 days to take care of them.

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