Goodnight Moon

by Margaret Wise Brown, a beloved book that my kids listened to as I read the story to them many a night before they went to sleep, and my daughter loved it so much, she kept it to read to her children when she had some. Her daughter adores it just as much. Sometimes when we’re on a walk, I’ll go through some of the things in the story, and instead of goodnight, I say hello, sky, etcetera, and she says hello to everything too, and as we pass things by, it’s goodbye, kitty cat, goodbye, house, goodbye, truck. It’s just such a classic.

The cover of Goodnight Moon.
Harper Collins Publishers

So I just read this article:

How One Librarian Tried to Squash Goodnight Moon

I was thinking, Ohmigod, there’s something bad in the book and I’ve been teaching my kids bad things all these years. Nope. Just a very powerful librarian who wouldn’t allow the book in the New York Public Library.

She was the gatekeeper.

When I first began writing my books, I had some Highland books that were published by a small press. I checked with my local library, and the gatekeeper turned up her nose and said, “Is it with a major publisher?”

I ended up working at a branch of the library, and my books ended up at the library. The wolf ones were with a major publisher. And I realized that budgets are limited, and not all books can be bought to include in the system. Some are requests from readers, and that’s good, because that’s what it’s all about. Readers. What they like, what they want to read.

I was glad to read that Margaret’s beautiful little book is fine. There’s nothing wrong with it. Just with the gatekeeper that kept it out of the library for so many years. And the librarian did good things, but she had a bias against certain kinds of books. So forget that the kids loved the books. I thought it was interesting too that little children were not allowed in the library because they couldn’t read the books. Ha! Keira will “read” them to herself, telling the story we’ve read to her numerous times. She’s just two. We’ve been reading to her since she was born.

And she LOVES books. When we were making the grocery list, a ‘book’ was one of the items she wanted to get. lol

Okay, so she is home with her mom with a fever. Her mom is sick. I’m sick. So I have the day off to try and get some rest so I can manage the weekend with little one.

Hope you have a healthy day!


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