Toddler Nap Time Happened!

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I took her shopping, and first store, she took my hand and put it beneath her cheek to sleep in the cart. lol But of course, she really couldn’t and we went to another store to get groceries after that.

Before that, I was making out my grocery list and asking her what we needed. She said: Milk.

“We have milk.”

“Book. Movie.”

I laughed.


She is soooooo into Baby Shark that when we found a Valentine’s one, I picked it up for her. So she’s singing the Baby Shark song while we’re waiting in line to pay for things, and I’m trying to read her the song in the book. “No, Grandma.” Then she proceeded to tell me how the Baby Shark song went. lol She had to sing all the way through Grandpa Shark before we reached the next page and she’d start all over again.

I took her on a long walk. She wanted me to carry her before we reached the mailbox because, “I’m too little,” she told me.

So Grandma carried her the rest of the way. I was trying to wear her out, you see. Not me.

We reach the mailbox and I get the mail and she tells me, “No, this way.” Which is the way we normally go when she’s in her stroller, but NO WAY can Grandma carry her all the way around the neighborhood if she was suddenly “too little” and couldn’t make it on her own. lol

So we went Grandma’s way and she walked the whole way. We had lunch, she helped me put away the laundry, and then it was time to put her down for a nap. We’re both sick, so I was really hopeful this was going to work.

I moved her mat from the living room to my bedroom.

One thing I read was that if a room is darker, sometimes toddlers’ brains will get the message it’s bedtime. I have room-darkening curtains in there, but enough light from two more small windows with blinds on them, that it still is light enough to feel safe.

So then I set a blanket on the mat. “No, Grandma, more blankets.”

We went to the other room where her infant blankets were and she got all three of them and placed them on her makeshift bed. Looking at it, she said, “No, Grandma, pillows.” She took my hand again and we trotted back off to the other room.

It is on the other side of the house, so we’re both getting our exercise, and then she had all her pillows on her mat, just like she wanted them. Two baby ones and a big round soft pillow. “No, Grandma, my puppy.”

So we went to the other room and got her puppy. One hand in mine, one arm arm wrapped securely around her puppy, we returned to the bedroom. And she laid down. Grandma laid down in her bed. And both of us began to cough. *sigh*

Her cough was worse, but she managed to fall asleep for 2 1/2 hours. Both of us scored a win. Grandma couldn’t sleep with all the coughing, but I still felt better for trying for about a half an hour.

When she woke, I was working on my story on the computer, and she was in the room calling out, “Grandma?” My desk is right next to the bedroom, and I went in and got her. We cuddled and watched a show together until her momma picked her up. It worked! Little one had a nap, and Grandma got some rest.

We shall see what happens tomorrow and the long babysitting weekend ahead!

Have a great day! I have to write!


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