Toddler Nap Time Has to Happen!

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Double Knockout Rose
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Miniature Rose

Roses in bloom during the mild winter we’re having!

Last week, I tried every trick Grandma knows to get little one to take a nap. Nothing worked. This week, Grandma’s sick with a head cold and she has little one allllllll weeeeeekeeeeend long too. So during the week, AND the weekend, she’s got to take a nap or Grandma’s not going to make it.

So Grandma was reading how others get toddlers down for naps when they are fighting sleeping. That’s what Grandma already does. I’m going to try to do something differently. Or I’m sunk. lol Once I realized I had a head cold and not just allergies, and I have little one all weekend, I also realized two of my writing days are shot!

I managed 4,000 words on Vampire Redemption and 2,000 words on Highland Wolf yesterday. Yay!

The two days I have her this week, are my no writing days, so I need to get something done after she leaves because now the weekend really means no writing since I’ll have her at night too. Oh, shoot, I’ll have their corgis also. *sigh*

Okay, I’m off to do something…

Have a fun day!!!


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