Delicate, but Hardy Little Monarch

It’s been a mild winter this year, giving the monarchs that wrapped themselves in their cocoons late a better chance at survival. This one I saw a couple of days ago, another, yesterday. I do have flowers they can sip the nectar from, so I hope that keeps them going.

I have a head cold and my head was splitting in two, my teeth all aching and feeling like they needed to be pulled. I’m bad about taking medicine for anything, figuring it will go away. But I was trying to concentrate on writing Highland Wolf and proofing the last 19 chapters of Night of the Billionaire Wolf and my head was hurting too much. I’d taken allergy medicines, but nothing was touching the pain. I finally went looking for something for my head and I found kid’s liquid tylenol, and other kids’ liquid medicines. Where are Grandma’s medicines when she needs them? lol

I finished proofing Night of the Billionaire Wolf and sent it off. Yay! So I’m back to writing on both Highland Wolf and the vampire book today.

Hope you are having a super fun day!


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