Have a Hobby?

I love to garden, create bears, photograph things, create composites, and though it’s my occupation, I LOVE to create stories!

You know, they say to be a writer, you need to be a reader, and I was while growing up. I wrote stories back then too of my own creation, but I loved to read–everything from mysteries to fantasies. Later, I was teaching my kids to read and I was creating stories for them. And then later, I was reading my teen daughter’s young adult fiction, something we didn’t have as kids, fell in love, and began writing that. But I also fell in love in romance. Mostly I read historical fiction romance. Sometimes paranormal or sci-fi romance.

I also loved to do tons of needlework. Some of my favorite gifts at Christmas were needlework projects. I was creating cloth dolls when my dad asked if I could make an old time teddy bear to sit with the doll furniture and carriages they were creating. So I did, and the Wilde & Woolly Bear business was born.

Gardening? That didn’t start until I had my second home in Oklahoma. I was out in the snow planting a thousand pines on the slope of our hilltop home, for erosion control. It was really rocky up there, so I dug rocks up everywhere, but watch out for the scorpions. The loved to hide under the rocks. I laid my shovel down one time, picked it up and was stung by a scorpion that had crawled onto the handle. Here, we have fire ants, but there, the scorpions were awful. I planted a rosebush hedge and the neighbor’s cows pulled them all up in the middle of the night. I planted redbud trees and plox and voila, their flowers matched. Every spring it was a beautiful sight. Sometimes accidents look like a plan in action.

Okay, little one is here. I turned in the marketing materials for Highland Wolf and wrote 3,000 more words on it last night. They’re kind of the final scenes, but still have to go back in and write a couple of scenes earlier.

Have a fun-filled day!!!


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4 thoughts on “Have a Hobby?

  1. Good morning Terry,
    Love to read pretty much everything Except Horror stories movies
    My first recollection of children Books…was of sitting in the floor with our backs to the wall and my 2 year’s older brother Reading aloud “Artemito y la Princesa , By Marjorie Torrey in Spanish from her Original “Artie and the Princess 1947. Here I discovered, Princesses, Queen, King and Darling Artemito, My 1st Dragon (little)I know you know the Story, Majorie was illustrator and writer of children’s books. She also wrote two mystery novels for adults under the name Torrey Chanslor and published under the name Torrey Bevans.

    • I think that is so neat, Lola! I loved to read all about the world of princesses and princes and queens and kings. Dragons? Yes!

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