Bluebird Time

The bluebirds are mine, the rest is a composite of overlays.

I did it! I finished Wolf in Mind edits last night, turned them in, and I’m back to writing on Highland Wolf. I hope to finish it by Tuesday, before little one is back and then I’m working on the dreaded taxes and starting the new deadline book.

I want to garden! I want to put some plants in that will keep the weeds from being out of control. Once the shrubs and such are bigger, it will help. But I need more. I need a much lower maintenance yard that is beautiful without me putting a ton of effort into it. A dream garden that the birds and bees and butterflies love. I plan to put in some more azaleas, the kind that bloom three times a year, spring, summer and fall. And maybe some more boxwood.

But back to the business of writing. That needs to come first. And then taxes. Ugh. Oh, and autographing and sending off a ton of giveaway books.

Have a lovely day!


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