Remember to Vote!

Added broccoli for the day 2 vegetable!

I took the picture of the butterfly on flowers last year on my walk to vote. It might rain later, so I’ve got to walk to the school to vote early. It’s about a mile walk or more, and I always take my camera.

Okay, I’m halfway done with proofing Highland Wolf. I’m really thrilled with the book so far.

I won’t even say what happened after I wrote the whole book and my editor saw the synopsis and said…no, not going to say it. And can he have…no. Not going to mention it. Taking out …no. Grinding teeth. Growling like a wolf. No…no…

I’m beginning to sound like my nearly 3-year-old granddaughter. “No nap. No time out. No hug.” I finally got the hug, cuddled her against my shoulder, and she relaxed, and she took her nap. lol But man, was it work.

So I’m back to proofing. Yay!! I love this book and I hope my readers do too.

Have a beautiful day!


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