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My first day of the vegout: potato and tomatoes! I’m not sure what I’m going to have today, but I’ll figure out something. The chives are fresh from my garden. Every year since I planted them in my pots, they’ve survived outside during every kind of weather and I’ve had fresh cut chives for my potatoes daily. So now you know my secret. I nearly always have a potato.

When my granddaughter was telling my daughter what the vegetables were in a book, she came to the potato and said, “Grandma’s potato.” She loves them as much as I do. Kid after my own heart. Her daddy does too though! But her mom thought that was some funny.

It’s going to be 80 degrees today and I want to shop for plants!!! I want to fill in one of the flowerbeds to overflowing so I don’t have to weed so much. Right now, it’s a bed with a few daylillies, gerbera daisies, coneflowers, salvia, a crape myrtle, a rosebush, a ligustrum, and lots of grass and weeds. It’s not like I haven’t planted other things in there to try and fill it in. It’s just that a lot of it isn’t making it. I’ve had this problem before. I keep adding plants and pulling out plants that are dying or dead, and then I add different plants. Trial and error. So in this one spot I was having trouble with in Oklahoma, suddenly, every plant I planted there grew and grew and grew. Too much.

Laughing. So I figure the same thing will happen here. Eventually. I have another flowerbed like that. So I need to do the same with it.

Okay, well, the good news is I think I wrote the last scene for Highland Wolf. I won’t know until I start reading it over today from beginning to end. Which needs to be my focus instead of shopping for plants. *sigh* But it’s perfect planting weather!

Have a wonderful day doing whatever you need or want to do!!!


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