Mushrooms were day 6 (the egg is buried under them). I was reading about how you should eat slowly, drink water before getting seconds so you feel fuller, use a smaller plate (I think that’s a great idea), eat 5 vegetable servings a day…hmm, I usually eat 3. And basically, break habit routines. Mine is eating dessert after a meal. I don’t need it. I’m full. Yet I crave it. So I need to break that habit.

I’m halfway through proofing Vampire Redemption. And the taxes are ready to go to the accountant, yay! And I need to start autographing books to go readers and get them ready to ship. I already received the promo stuff for the Billionaire story coming out in May, so I need to start writing those blogs. But also, I have the 10th Anniversary release of Legend of the White Wolf coming out THIS MONTH, so I need to get on that. I’m waiting on the other beta reader’s comments for Highland Wolf so I can edit it and proof it one last time and turn it in. Then I’m off to write Red Wolf.

Back to proofing on Vampire Redemption. It’s the long-awaited sequel to Huntress for Hire.

Have a super fun day! I’m waiting for it to warm up!


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