So I went to blog yesterday, and they changed everything up again. Please, leave things alone. *sigh*

Red rosebud getting ready to bloom. I love red flowers in the garden. I love purple, but red is really showy. And the butterflies and hummingbirds agree. The bees love any color. They’ll “flock” to my holly’s white flowers in spring even. But I have yellow, lavender, hot pink flowers, and still, the hummingbirds and butterflies prefer the red flowers above all else.

And, did I mention it’s showy? When I see a row of red roses or red-flowering crape myrtles or azaleas, they catch my eye more than white or any other color. I love the combination of red and purple. And some yellow makes for a pretty scene. But green evergreens help to bring it all together. In my humble opinion.

So for the last two days, I was trying to work on Vampire Redemption, Highland Wolf edits, and shipped off books to readers. I also dropped off my tax paperwork, and picked up plants and dirt, the fun part of the day!

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I picked up red pentas, a hummingbird and butterfly magnet, and a pink hibiscus, they didn’t have red, so I got pink for my granddaughter because that is her favorite color, and a couple of citronella plants. Now, they said they stave off mosquitoes. NOT true. They have to have their leaves crushed to do that. False advertising!

Okay, so I’m working of vampire redemption edits this morning, have 1 more scene to write. I need to start proofing Highland Wolf and then send it off. And I need to ship another 30 books or so today. Oh, and plant!!!

I planted 20 of the pentas last night, a bunch of flower seeds, have more, and I need to plant the hibiscus and some salvia seeds.

Have a fun day! Mine is happily busy. No little one. Spring Break. Yay, for Grandma! Which means I really have to get stuff done with the unexpected extra time on my hands. Yay!


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