Give Up Paper Towels! Remember Towels?

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Save on paper towel waste, cutting down trees, landfill, money! Use towels. These are all microfiber towels and they’re not only absorbent, but they dry quickly so you don’t have wet towels you’re trying to dry your hands off on constantly. I had some I used to clean windows and mirrors because they don’t leave streaks and then I just wash them. I bought more so I can use them to dry my hands since I’m gardening so much, handling dirt, pulling weeds, planting flowers, every time I take the dogs out to potty.

I had become dependent on paper towels in the kitchen. I’d planned to switch to towels before all this hoarding began. This was the push I needed to do it.

So join the revolution/ecology movement/conservation. Give up dependency on paper towels!


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