Robin Juvenile Scratching an Itch

So I admit it! I HAD to go to the grocery store. I needed dishwasher soap, forgot to get it last time, so stocked up on more vegetables and–yes, of course, last chance to get my favorite Cadbury eggs. It’s nearly Easter. What can you expect?

If I don’t have long to live–who ever knows, right?–I want to have my favorite Easter treat before it’s too late.

They did have plexi-glass up to help protect the clerks at checkout. I’m so glad for that and hope it really helps.

I didn’t get very far on my writing yesterday, only 1,300. I did play one battle in Divinity–Original Sin 2. I had finished the first game, figured out how to make myself nearly invincible in that one and loved it, great ending, but then I had so many deadlines that I never got back to finish the 2nd game. Everything is different in that one, so I couldn’t use the same strategy. Darn it. But I’m at the last leg of the journey, I believe, so having fun relearning how to do all this stuff that I haven’t done in over a year. I need to finish it because it’s taking up a lot of storage on my computer that I don’t have–doesn’t that sound like a great excuse?

But first, I need to get to my writing. I’m kind of stuck or I would have had more done yesterday. Plus, I was editing, added new scenes which meant eliminating others, so I didn’t get as much word count.

I tried not to watch the news too late last night. It gave me nightmares the night before. The morning news is so unbelievable, I’m so angry about what’s going on, but I need to press on and do what I can to not help to cause the spread of the virus if I should get it and pray that everyone else can live through this…despite the dire predictions.

And I’m back to the new count of staying home. I did walk around the neighborhood this morning.

Stay home if you can and stay safe!

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