The Easter Bunny is an Essential Worker–the Tooth Fairy Too!

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern offered reassurances to the children of New Zealand, announcing that the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy had been designated essential workers. She cautioned that, because of distancing rules, “the Easter bunny might not make it everywhere this year.”~~New York Times

When my son was in kindergarten, I was on-call for helping out with any activities the kids were involved in. So I got a call to help hide Easter eggs at the elementary school. Some of his classmates saw me and said, “Your mom’s here hiding Easter eggs!”

There was Blaine with most of the class watching at the window, their noses and hands pressed against the glass as I “hid” the eggs. Which meant just scattering them all over the freshly mowed grass. When I picked him up from school that afternoon, he was so excited. I had helped the iguanas hide the Easter eggs.


“Yes, they were in charge of laying the eggs.”


“No, iguanas, Mommy. They lay eggs.”

So that year I helped the iguanas put out the Easter eggs. They might not be essential workers this year. Then again, there isn’t any school.

I did my walk today, more people out than usual. I went to the grocery store on Sunday, so I’m home for two weeks, just in case I picked up anything while out. Three weeks if I can hold out that long.

Hope you all are doing well. Breathe in, breathe out (in isolation), stay safe.


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