No Internet Yesterday

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Max chilling beside me as I’m working on Red Wolf

And it kind of snowballed from there. I really, really wanted to get the price change in for Winning the Highlander’s Heart for iBooks. I have a Book Bub ad coming up and I had to change the price on there. It was one of those lingering had-to-do things that was nagging at me.

Well, I couldn’t remember the password for the MacBook, which was why I had delayed on changing the price on iBooks. I already changed it on all the other sites. So I had to look it up on the internet. Why it has to be such a rigamarole to change a password is beyond me. And I was trying to write my blog in the morning. And I was going to pull up my mss from my laptop in my email so I could begin working on my 2,000 daily word count.

I also wanted to updated the cover on Scepter of Salvation and Mage of Monrovia.

Then the internet went down.

No internet, no TV, you’d think I’d write more, right?

Nope. My home phone wasn’t working. My cell phone wasn’t able to access stuff that it should have on Blue Tooth. It was like I was in a vacuum, in the fae world, and they were having the time of their lives hassling me.

I was on my cell phone to my internet provider to figure out what was going on.

A messenger tells me that because of Covid-19 I don’t have to pay my bill for 60 days and I won’t be cut off. Good. Then why don’t I have my internet? The messenger tells me that because of Covid-19, there could be long delays on speaking to a representative. Fine. I’ll wait.

The messenger said, “Instead of waiting, I can text you a link to our website. There may be texting charges.”


That’s all I’d need was a charge for a text message to give me the link to the website when I could very well look it up myself IF MY INTERNET WAS WORKING!

Long delay. “Okay, well we will check to see if there’s a problem.”

Another long delay. “Your internet is not working.”

Yep, like I said.

“We have technicians in your area working on it. It will be up by 5 a.m. tomorrow morning.”


Okay so it finally began working on my laptop early evening, yay, instead of this morning. I went full-speed ahead to try and get all the things done I had planned earlier that day. But then I was having issues with getting back on the Mac, then with Vellum, that I use for ebook formatting and I decided I really needed a do-over day.

Even stopping to play Divinity Original Sin2, which I realized I hadn’t played for 2 years, not last year, meant getting killed by the Shriekers twice. Enough already!

See why I need the internet? Clues for the game even!

I finally figured out what the issue is with Vellum over the cover this morning and fixed the files, I got into the Mac last night and printed out the dumb instructions so I wouldn’t have to go searching for this every time it happens–it also has to do with keychain issues when trying to get into iTunes Producer after dealing with how to get back into the computer to change the password.

Life needs to be simpler.

Have a super great day and stay safe! Oh, and I caught up on the day before’s word count, but now I’m a 1,000 behind on yesterdays. So much for writing more when nothing is working!


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