Cassie, the Tuxedo Cat

I love it when fans send me pictures of my books with their precious pets. Isn’t Cassie adorable? I had to share.

We had a big storm last night and so this morning I was picking up about 20 lbs worth of tree branches and twigs. A circle of 4 of the neighbors have old growth forest, so it looks like we are the only ones getting all the downed branches! Pine tree branches, not sure what the others are, but any big wind and they’re all over the back and front yards. And I have tons of pine needles on my driveway that I still need to gather up to use as mulch on my flowerbeds.

Tanner was barking like crazy, warning me there were all kinds of trespassers. Max wanted on my lap for protection.

Okay, so I’m still behind on Red Wolf. One of my friends said I need to give myself a break. But deadlines, deadlines. I’m also working on updating two fantasy books with new covers and need to turn Vampire Redemption into a print book along with the two fantasy books. This is all good for me. It takes my mind off of not getting anywhere with the current work-in-progress and all the bad news. I keep checking not wanting to, but hoping there’s some good news out there.

It’s time to get to work. Have a great day and stay safe!


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4 thoughts on “Cassie, the Tuxedo Cat

  1. Sorry to hear about all the branches but to hear about the pine needles for the flowerbeds. Waiting till payday to buy more books of yours self isilation is a good excuse to read and work on the family tree. lol
    Good News my daughter and family became really sick in Washington so they took them in for testing it turned out to be the flu not covid-19. we really worried about her as she has cancer and lelukemia along with brain anurisoms (sp) so the hospital was really worried. But the good news is it was the
    flu and all 4 of them are on meds and soon to be well.

    Good Health to everyone out there and stay safe

  2. Omigosh, That’s scary, Dee, I’m glad that they only had flu, as bad as that is!!! I had flu and am still coughing after 6 weeks. I’m so glad they’re getting better! Thanks for getting more of my books to take you away from all this for a few hours at least!!! And working on the family tree is always fun. 🙂 <3 Stay safe and have a good weekend!!!

  3. Hi Terry.
    Thanks for sharing Ms Cassie the Tuxedo cat.
    you got the Storm with the flying branches etc.
    We got the snow, I did the #Snow push… heavy/wet snow on top of ICE
    we have mostly rain, winter mix that turned onto snow, with temps in the 20’s feeling in the teen I have to wait until the Sun-Shine will soften the layer of ice, it worked well,
    got 1/3 of the deck and steps done, and cleaned the minivan, even if I won’t be going anywhere, the front windshield gets very foggy so i have to dry it.
    Happy writing.

    • You poor thing! Donna sent me her pictures of her garden buried in snow. I don’t envy you all in the least!!!!!

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