Tiger Eating

Yum! So I went to the grocery store and it was nice and empty. Yay! I shipped off some books, but didn’t have the address on file like I thought it was for one of them, ugh, so need to go back.

I went to the place to get my safety inspection sticker, yes, the place is open, but it was too wet. It had rained. It wasn’t raining when I went. They have to test the brakes. Okay, so they can’t test the brakes on a wet area?

Uhm, what would they do if it was too wet in Oregon? It’s always wet there. Almost.

For them, it’s always some excuse. Last year they supposedly ran out of safety inspection stickers. They only have a few issued to them. Come back in a couple of weeks. Went the next day, because I don’t like things hanging over my head and wow, they had them. So what gives with a business that is practically empty all the time? They don’t like doing some kind of work? They don’t like doing any kind of work?

You know what they say, the less some have to do, the less they want to do.

Sure, we have don’t have to get them done right away because of the coronavirus, but you know what happens when everyone has to get them? Instead of just the people doing it for that month, everyone for 3 months will have to get them all at once. And what does that mean? Crowds.

And we’re not out of the woods yet by a long shot, though some act like we are. So I would like to get it done now, out of the way, and when there are no crowds and the place isn’t doing a lick of business.

Doesn’t that make sense? Does to me!

Have a great day!!! And stay safe!


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