No Internet on My Main Computer

I work on my main computer all day and then my laptop at night. So it throws me off when I have no internet on my main computer. I received Wolf Fever to proof but I’m trying to edit Red Wolf still, so I meant to work on it there, but I couldn’t open my email where I have my updated version of Red Wolf. Yes, I could use a flash drive to transfer it. But I need my internet to do research and stuff while I’m working on the book.

Anyway, so I’m on chapter 10, catching changes, and making a list of stuff I mentioned and didn’t go anywhere with. Hoping to get another 10 chapters today. Tomorrow, little one will be here.

I’m off to work! Hope your day is great!!!


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2 thoughts on “No Internet on My Main Computer

  1. The fairies are interfering with your internet access. You must try to remember what you did to offend them before it can be corrected. Sometimes you can bribe them with something, they are a fickle lot. LOL

    • Lol, yes!!!! Darn fae. They’re annoyed with me because I haven’t written THEIR next book. 🙂

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