In a Rush This Morning

So this morning, I was getting the garbage out, killing fire ants getting into my house with boiling water, and then here comes little one, early. lol So I switched gears and had to find something for her to eat since her daddy didn’t feed her. She’s having a granola bar and I fixed eggs for her because, even though she didn’t want any, as soon as I fix myself one, she wants two. I top them with shredded cheese and mine had mushrooms. Add some orange tomatoes and it’s great!

Then she wants a towel. Her hands are a mess. She knows how to use a fork, but she wasn’t. While I’m wiping off her hands, I said, “Do you know how little hands get messy like this?”

She looks up at me, waiting to hear how.

“When you don’t use your fork to eat your food. Humans use forks.”

She laughs. I don’t think she has the concept of humans down pat yet. There are wolf shifters and there are humans. That should be known from birth.

Okay, I’m back to getting stuff done. I had been getting edits done and I did do several lessons on the oil painting last night. I have to say I’m lousy at it. But, I am still trying to figure out the Wacom. I swear I tell my hand to curve the strokes one way and it goes straight, curve another way and it goes in the opposite direction.

I know that practice makes perfect, so I did all the original samples we were supposed to do again before going on to the next lesson. Then I started the new lessons. I love the background one. At least for yesterday’s, I did really good on it. And when I can do that, it encourages me to practice more backgrounds and I’ll get better. I have 3 more practice ones to go.

I’m going to try and set up a “preschool” of sorts for little one since she’s three and the kids will be doing virtual school at home for a few weeks. I just need to get more organized and do it in more of consistent manner. I homeschooled both my kids, so it’s fun.

Have a great and safe day! We’re off to get ready for some fun!


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