Try, Try, Try, Try and Try Again

Practice makes…well, passable? I will have to keep working at it. Maybe in ten years, I’ll be good at this. lol

So I’m spending the morning with my granddaughter and daughter, last time and then she’s back to regular hours and I have little one on Tues and Wed this coming week. No wonder I get some mixed up on my days. I’ll take her Friday morning for about 3 hours too, but then it’s writing time for me. So is today.

I can’t figure out what to do on the story. I still don’t have any real mystery. I’m trying to keep murder and mayhem out of the Christmas story. It’s really hard for me to do. lol

Okay, I’m off to get ready. Did my walk, it was nice out. Yay! But it’s going to be another scorcher today.

Have a great day and stay safe!

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