Yesterday, I wrote my whole blog and then there was some kind of glitch and I couldn’t post it. I’d hurt my back after pulling weeds and grass and spent flowers all morning in the light rain on Saturday, it was cool out, yay!–5 40-gal bags worth and so I gave up on the blog on Sunday when it froze up.

Today, thankfully, my back is much better. My daughter gave me tomato plants to plant and I want to get those out in the ground. I could barely walk still yesterday, did some yard work and it seems to help to continue to stretch the muscles. When I sat for too long writing, it was worse getting up again. So today, I managed to walk around the neighborhood and get my mail and get the rest of the garbage out.

I’m going to try and get the tomato plants out this morning because it’s going to be beastly again. We had a brief thunderstorm last night, and that helps to cool things off. I need to run out and take a picture of my mushrooms! lol

Have a great day! And stay safe!

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