Painting a Render

Still practicing how to blend with background and paint long hair. I wondered how it would look with a render–a computer generated person.

I’m out planting mums this morning. I picked them up for a light purple accent, so had to get them out. I still want to move a couple of boxwoods that are not getting enough water or sun. And I have one yellow ligustrum I need to plant. So I’ll probably do that this morning while it’s cool and the sun’s not beating down yet. The front yard gets a ton of sun, so I have to plant really early or really late out there. It’s still getting hot here.

And I’ve about finished Cougar. I will probably change the name. I made the cover, for the most part. I’m going to read through Cougar one last time, and write the dedication, and assign an ISBN, get it copyrighted. So many things to do. But I need to start edits on Tangling with the Wolf novella that came back to me. I have 9 days to turn it back in.

Ugh, sun’s coming out. Off to hurry and plant! I feel like a vampire. Oh no, the sun, arm over eyes to shield myself from the devastating rays. Hmm, I wonder if that idea came from how bad the sun is on our skin??? A point to ponder, if you have the time or inclination.

Have a great day!

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