Black Cat

I’ve been working on two classes, one with furry pets and one with humans. So this one is of a Pixabay black cat. This was the original.

I finished editing Catch the Cougar–a Halloween novella.

I had to change the title because I already had Double the Cougar Trouble, and so I didn’t want to use Cougar Halloween Trouble as it’s too similar.

I’ve got to do marketing materials for Wolff Bros and the edits on Tangling, so I’ll do those next so I can turn them in and then back to Catch the Cougar. Need the dedication and acknowledgments and copyright, etc.

I need to refinish the little girl snow picture and turn her in. It will probably be about two weeks before I move up to the next class. I have to do four more paintings, and get six of them approved before going to the next review. Hoping for more fun background brushes in the next session.

I moved two boxwood, planted 4 mums and one sunshine ligustrum. I need to move one rosebush and pull more weeds! And cut back some hyacinth bean plants. The hummingbirds love them. Last year, they barely did anything. This year when I planted the seeds, they just took off.

Okay, I’ve got to get to work.

Have a super great day!!

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