Running Late!

We went for a long walk, didn’t see any turtles, but left food for them up on the bank. It was chilly, so maybe they were trying to keep warm. We got to see all the Halloween decorations that were out and a family taking pictures of a ghost and a little girl who was celebrating her spooky 2 year old birthday.

I went through Tangling with the Wolf edits yesterday, and will work on them again today. I also turned in the marketing materials for Wolff Bros 2 Christmas book.

I was trying to come up with the story idea for the next cougar book–A Christmas one. It kept me awake last night. I had whole scenes in mind. I need to write down what I vaguely remember before I lose it for good. When I was coming up with a trope for Wolff Bros, I had a funny idea for a vampire–but promptly forgot it. lol

But no wonder! I was also writing the synopsis Catch the Cougar, and with working on 3 different stories in one day, it’s easy to make mistakes. In my long synopsis for the wolf story, that includes jaguars, a cougar had replaced one wolf and one jaguar. Laughing. No cougars in that story!

Back to more adventures with little one. Even sharpening a crayon can be an adventure!

Have a super day!


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