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Okay, so I have NEVER painted a flat coloring page on Photoshop and tried to create a 3-D character. We’re supposed to use only one brush in the course, so that limits things, no textures on the dinosaurs, so everything has to be done with the one brush by hand. It’s a contest, but we have some real talented artists in the course and it will be no contest, really. I’m totally new at this and doing it as an effort in learning how to add shadow and color to create more of a 3-D character.

So for me, it’s just a chance to begin to create something that is more realistic. I have a long way to go and just started on the flying dinosaur in the background with one layer of paint. I took the original background picture at Disney World and painted all of it. The dinosaur still needs a ton of work, hope to add more feathers on his legs, but you should have seen it when I first began it! I guess he looked as flat as the pterodactyl in the background. I tried to simulate feathers and make him more colorful because they’re now saying that a lot of the dinosaurs were feathered and more colorful than we envisioned.

We’ll be finding out whether my daughter’s baby will be a girl or boy today, and I have little one to take care of. My granddaughter says it will be a girl.

What if it’s a boy?

It’s not going to be a boy.

Wouldn’t you like a little brother?


Why not?

They’re weird. Little girls are cute.

She is three and a half and has been going to a daycare where all the kids her age are boys. So it’s not like she doesn’t have some experience with boys. lol

I got my word count in yesterday on Cougar, 6,000 words to go, but I started also working on edits on Dreaming of the Wolf’s 10th Anniversary Release. It’s hard to get anything done on days I have little one, so they’re non-writing days. I’m hoping to at least get through 5 chapters on Dreaming today and 5 tomorrow when I have her and maybe finish up on Friday.

Have a great day!! I’m excited about Thanksgiving next week.


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