Cougar Christmas Calamity is Out!

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Cougar shifter Jessie Whittington plans to work on her psychic romance book before Christmas at the Whispering Pines Resort on the North Shore of Lake Superior, but peace and quiet aren’t exactly what she’s going to get right before Christmas.

Former army ranger Emerson Merriweather has returned home after being ambushed on a Black Ops mission, and now learns his uncle has died. When he meets his only guest at the cabin resort, he’s surprised she’s a cougar too. Before long, a blizzard hits, bear shifters wreak havoc, and he’s helping Jessie decorate for Christmas. Something he never thought he would be doing.

Jessie’s definitely the light in his life but he still has to take care of the man who set him and his team up during the mission. He knows he will be looking for Emerson to finish the job. Mystery and intrigue are the name of the game and things aren’t always as they seem.

Still waiting on Google Play, but Christmas with the cougars is here!

I’ve been bouncing between stories, adding some more to a couple of them, still not sure which I want to write and finish. I need to start on deadline books by the 1st of the year, so I’d rather finish something I can by then…

I also have a ton of covers for several books I haven’t written. I wish I could just sit and write and it would just all come to me without a whole lot of brain strain. lol

The fun thing I did was the story Jessie is “writing” in the novel is actually going to be a story coming out too. I think I have about 18K on it. 🙂

I’m off to work! Have a great day!!!


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