Parrot in Paradise

Maybe not exactly in paradise, took the photo at the Dallas Zoo.

So I actually wrote 7600 words on two stories last night, using the fighting game. It’s great. I am so motivated at first to get my word count, and I wasn’t doing any of the quests. Then I figured out how to do them, and I need more luck so I get better stuff that the monsters drop when I finish them off, or time to battle with strength, or defensive weapons, armor, not sure about that exactly. I had to do a 100 words in 10 mins for one monster and it was more of a challenge. lol I was able to do 278 in 5 mins with making mistakes and just endurance (did not like having to do that one), so I know I can do it.

My goal today is reach 20K on A Date with a Wolf (I have 16K already).

It’s just making it fun. I’m so goal oriented, plus I love playing RPGs so it’s the best of two worlds. Getting my word count in and playing a quest game.

All right, well, my son is coming in late tonight–about a 15 hour drive from Omaha, so I’m going to try and get my 5000 words in and do some more getting ready stuff. It’s warmer and rainy today.

Have a great day!


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