Bird in a Christmas Wreath!

Photo of a bird that shares an enclosure with a Dik-Dik. I don’t remember the name of the big bird. The Christmas wreath texture is from Daily Textures.

My son arrived safely with his dog after 15 hours of driving. Mishka is on my lap and my dogs are waiting for my son to get up–they’ve all been fed and taken outside, birds fed. I’m about to battle more monsters for writing goals. I think I managed 7,000 words yesterday. I reached 22K on A Date with a Wolf, and added more to Dangerous Liaisons, another vampire romance, at 27,704, and Warrior Elf (YA), 16K, and Bite of the Vampire (YA), 18,600. I added 6K to the novella, but on the other books a few hundred each. That’s what’s fun about the battling monsters. Once I have my word goal plus on the deadline book, I can add more content to other stories not on deadline to get some more word count in.

We are going on a drive to see a special exhibit this afternoon–drive through, more on it later, and having lunch at home and unfortunately shopping for a few items at the grocery store. He’s making a curry rice dish and forgot his curry powder, his grinder for coffee and I figure I’ll pick up some cabbage and carrots to make corned beef and cabbage for everyone one of these days.

I forgot that Miskha is a woofer. Not barking loudly, but I’m finding myself shushing her constantly while my son is still sleeping.

I’m off to write before he gets up and we’re on our way to the store.

Have a great day!


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