I love the little bluebirds. I didn’t ever think they’d come, just seeing one in a blue moon, and now I have several.

I began working on the edits on Jingle Bell Wolf. I go through it one time, twice, three times, accepting all the small stuff. Now I’m printing out chapters and rereading them and making changes. I just need to take a break from the computer to see what needs to be changed and a printed version helps me to see that. I still have a long way to go, but no picking up my granddaughter tomorrow, so I hope to have today and tomorrow that are fairly disruption free and get further on it. I have a prologue, epilogue, and 24 chapters, so I’m through the 1st 3 chapters and the prologue.

I also received another bear order, so I have that to do. I cut it out last night.
Plum Bear

I need to get some word count on White Wolf, added 4,000 yesterday, added 2,000 words to Angel Fae yesterday also.

Off to work! The day is slipping away!!! Have a great day!


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