Sleepy Bear

I took the photo of the black bear at the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas some years ago and added textures to create photo art.

Little one is here today, which means it’s a down day for writing, though while she takes a break to watch preschool programs and a nap, I hope to get something done. I’m proofing Saving the White Cougar today, as much as I can and hope to get it to my beta readers by Friday.

I’m still editing White Wolf and hope to concentrate on adding more conflict to that book too. And then I’m working on You Had Me at Cougar as my backup when I get stuck on the other. I’m still also working on Angel Fae and I need to pull up my vampire book that I’m nearly done with and see where I stopped on that. I think I about have word count on it, just need to finish it up. So lots of fun books in progress!

I’m hoping I can get Saving the White Cougar done and up for preorders. I never have my books available for that because once it’s finished, I publish it. But in this case, I wrote the cart before the horse. It was just supposed to be a quick novella, ha! And turned into a novel. But the summer book needs to come out first, and that’s You Had Me at Cougar. So that means I should be able to put it up for preorder. One of my beta readers asked me where the bear came from??? Yes, it’s in the book I need to write. lol

Thanks so much for reading my blog!

I’m off to get something done before little one gets here!

Stay safe!!


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