Whimsical Giraffe

I had taken this picture of the head of a giraffe, part of his neck and mostly a fenced yard at the Cameron Park Zoo, Waco, Texas.. I think that I was trying to miss all the fencing, back in the day when I didn’t know how to remove fencing from a photo. So what to do with a body-less giraffe? They’re so tall, head in the clouds, munching on a tree, a surrealistic, whimsical piece. That worked!

Sometimes a little bit of whimsy is what we need. I think I’ll do something like that today. My granddaughter is all into rainbow animals, so I might play around with something like that. I have to look up rainbow hippos today for her, but the only hippo pictures I have are of pygmy hippos that are very dark brown, nearly black in color. Maybe I could do a rainbow rhino. They’re a lighter gray. She had a study of frogs at school, and so I showed her frogs on the internet–to show her they weren’t all green. The next thing I know, we see a rainbow frog–photoshopped and we were off to look at rainbow animals. lol

I managed to get some weeding done too while little one had Tanner chase her in the yard, and then she played tug-of-war with 3-foot lengths of grass that I pulled out of my flowerbed. Both would be tired I’m sure. She only took a 45 min nap also, which made it harder for me to get much done.

I got up way too early this morning–4 am. The experts say to get up if you can’t sleep and do something else for a while, then go back to bed. So I’m going to try it and get maybe another hour of sleep. Hopefully. Or I will be dragging all day. I’ve tried this before and it doesn’t work. I can’t shut my mind down on things I need to do. But I’m going to try. Maybe if I think of wolves jumping over fences, I will manage to sleep. Forget sheep.

Even my little granddaughter loves wolves because Grandma does. lol

Hope you all have a great day! Stay safe!!


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