Squirrelly Squirrel

They are really comical and they’re so bold that they either tell me off, or like with this one, give me a stare down. Who won? The squirrel, of course. It’s amazing how still they can be while trying to pretend they’re not there and how much they can flatten themselves against a tree. I missed capturing shots of the one hanging down to eat birdseeds from a basket. They are truly entertaining.

Another neighbor has dogs now. They’re little. Smaller than my dogs and they love them, but the little ones don’t love my dogs back. lol So, sigh. Now I have dogs on two sides and on the back, two different homes of dogs. It’s just the way the cul de sac in back is set up so I have two homes that back part of my property. I try to keep mine from barking. I let them out so early in the morning to potty, I don’t want them waking anyone who might be sleeping.

I’ve tried everything I can think of to keep them away from the wooden fence. I have pavers piled 3 high on one side, but the bigger dog there has been digging a hole under the fence to get to them and undermining my wall. lol I feel like I’m under siege. She barks every time she hears them out in the yard. They really just want to greet each other, but they bark and make a mess of the yard.

With the other big dog in the back, I placed timbers along the bottom of the fence behind the holly shrubs, but the dogs race along the shrubs and make a mess of themselves and my border. With the little dogs, I rearranged some little fencing panels I have, I loaned some to my daughter, but she loves them and won’t give them back, lol, and unfortunately, I can’t find anything like them or I’d buy more. I finally set them up where I hope I can at least keep the dogs away from the fence. My dogs don’t bark at the little ones. They love small dogs, but the little ones do bark. And I’m afraid mine will start digging.

Then on the other side is another big dog. She’s pretty quiet. So if she ignores my dogs, they ignore her.

And that’s enough about dog news. I’ve got to run to the grocery store, need to get some stuff done on my writing, and have to get my shot this afternoon. It will be the 2nd Pfizer shot. I had hoped to get it earlier in the day, but I can’t get it anywhere else. So either I will have to pick up little one late from daycare, or her mom will if she’s not in labor.

Have a great day!! I need to get a million more things done before I sleep.

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