Weeds or …?

Every time I find a flower, I wonder, is it a weed or a flower that I planted from seed? I mean, if it’s one that I don’t recognize. But then I recall the idea–it’s a flower if it’s where you want it to be, and a weed if it’s not. Which is so true! It can be any plant than that is good or not, but if it volunteers in the wrong place, it’s a weed!

Do you ever wake up and just feel good? I think it’s because I finally finished one bear, have another started, and another started, and my daughter’s bear is done, except for embroidering the birthday, oh, and need a buffalo plaid bow or something buffalo plaidish. But I’m getting somewhere with them at least.

I need to start edits on that other book, Best of Both Wolves, but I had to just take a break. Billionaire is set aside. I worked on some of You Had Me at Cougar and managed 1400 words. And I weeded a whole bunch!

Sometimes, I just need to switch gears. I also planted a miniature rosebush, pulled up tons of grass and weeds out of two flowerbeds–the one is the biggest. If only the plants would begin to take over and crowd out the weeds! I discovered a pretty flowering plant is scarlet pimpernel so it’s an invasive weed. I had to look it up before I got rid of it. And the other, have no idea, but I think it’s a weed, so will pull it up today. It’s hard to tell. I still have two sunshine ligustrum to plant and two pots of herbs and a whole bunch of flower seeds. So I’ll do some of that today too.

Then I have some kind of a tree that began growing in one flowerbed, don’t know what it is and probably need to pull it out. They are sneaky. When I’m least expecting it, here one is.

So my daughter checked on me yesterday to see how I’m doing after getting the 2nd vaccination and I’m doing fine. So I asked her how she’s doing and she said she’s still pregnant. lol Any day now! It’s just a waiting game until baby decides it’s time to join the big world.

Oh, I forgot to post a blog yesterday? How did that happen?

Okay, I’m off to get to work on something! It’s cold this morning, but I’m sure it will heat up. Hope you all have a beautiful day!!

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