The Baby is Coming, the Baby is Coming…Eventually

One thing about babies–they come when they are ready to come, unless of course they come early. But when you think the baby is never going to come, you know it will. Anyway, my daughter said she was ready to wake everyone in the middle of the night, thinking it was time, but then the contractions stopped.

My granddaughter at 2 days old. Grandma gets to take lots of fun pictures!

I have the fun job–being the grandma! I’ll be there to help out–though when I had my kids, no one was there to help me, but I love helping out and that’s what Grandmas, if they can–I feel–are meant to do.

My dad told me once that my mother wasn’t going to be a babysitter for my kids. I didn’t expect her to be! My mother was glad when I could start having intelligible conversations with her as a kid, and wasn’t into babies and all that stuff. Whereas my dad played with us lots when we were growing up. Yet, my mom and I were close when I was older.

I used to scoff at TV shows where grandmothers were loving and devoted to their grandchildren. And that the idea was that they could love on them, spoil them, and the grandkids loved them back. Because it just wasn’t the case with us.

Breaking dysfunctional family patterns is important when you can make the choice to do something about it and not fall into the rut of–well, that’s how my grandparents treated me. So why should I be any different as a grandparent?

I love being a grandma and helping out and then when the day is through, handing the grandchild back to mom and dad and getting some things done that I want to do and a good night’s sleep.

Baby monkey at the Houston Zoo

I finished the Celtic Clan bear but I’m still working on the last big bear for an order. I managed about 1700 words on You Had Me at Cougar yesterday too! I did a little bit of work on Best of Both Wolves also. And some on trying to block the fence and the dogs need to bark at the neighbor’s dogs. I hope to get the last bear done today, and ship them tomorrow. And hope to get a lot on the edits on the book done today, before I have to pick up little one.

Have a super great day! I’m bound to be a grandma again soon!

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2 thoughts on “The Baby is Coming, the Baby is Coming…Eventually

  1. I had a cousin who was a nurse in the baby dept in a hospital in Kansas. She said that when sever storms in the summer were coming, they always added more supplies to the new born area. Something about a mother close to due date and strong storms went together to have babies come up to a week early. Would happen in the winter, but not as much.

    • How interesting! We’re supposed to have thunderstorms in the middle of the night, so let’s see if it happens then. lol

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