Roses in the Garden

Here is the list of my books in the wolf series and connected books in the jaguar series. They are growing and growing just like my roses. Isn’t that neat!

Heart of the Wolf Series Terry Spear

1. Heart of the Wolf

*Night of the Wolf: A Heart of the Wolf novella*

2. Destiny of the Wolf

*Day of the Wolf: A Destiny of the Wolf novella*

3. To Tempt the Wolf

*SEAL Wolf Team to the Rescue: A To Tempt the Wolf novella*

4. Legend of the White Wolf

*White Wolf to the Rescue: A Legend of the White Wolf novella*

5. Seduced by the Wolf

*Hunting the Red Wolf–A Seduced by the Wolf novella*

6. Wolf Fever

*Wolf in Need: A Wolf Fever novella*

7. Heart of the Highland Wolf

8. Dreaming of the Wolf

*Tangling with the Wolf: A Dreaming of the Wolf novella*

9. The SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing

10. A Howl for a Highlander

11. A Highland Werewolf Wedding

12. A SEAL Wolf Christmas

13. Silence of the Wolf

*SEAL Wolf Pursuit: Silence of the Wolf novella

14. Hero of a Highland Wolf

15. A Highland Wolf Christmas

16. SEAL Wolf Hunting

17. A Silver Wolf Christmas

18. SEAL Wolf in Too Deep

19. Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply

20. Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing

21. Between a Wolf and a Hard Place

A Very Jaguar Christmas – Prelude to “Seal Wolf Undercover”

22. Seal Wolf Undercover

23. Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas

24. Flight of the White Wolf

25. All’s Fair in Love and Wolf (Silver Town Wolf)

26. A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas You Had Me at Jaguar

27. Seal Wolf Surrender

28. Silver Town Wolf: Home for the Holidays

29. You Had Me at Wolf

30. Night of the Billionaire Wolf

31. Joy to the Wolves

32. The Wolf Wore Plaid

33. Jingle Bell Wolf

34. The Best of Both Wolves

I was out early this morning before it was barely light out trying to move a boxwood that isn’t happy where it’s at. It’s dying, and then sprouting new green leaves and dying, so I hope where I moved it to will be a great new start for it. It’s a section where everything grows well. But it might be too late for the poor little boxwood. It was so far behind plants, I could barely see it to notice the bad shape it was in. Initially, it was the biggest of the boxwoods back there!

No baby yet! I thought with the storms we were supposed to have last night, it might have come then, but we might not have had any storms. It looks like we’re going to get them about the time I have to pick up my granddaughter from daycare instead today.

I was working on more edits yesterday, and I finally found the buffalo plaid ribbon for my grandson’s bear. I also found the chicken wire fences from Hobby Lobby that I had gotten a couple of years back. I love them because they’re easy to move around and they stay put. They keep plants standing upright, or the dogs from peeing on them. That’s why having female dogs is a boon. lol I want to keep them from reaching my chives that are in the ground. The rest are in planters.

I ordered a raised bed planter, though I’ll probably use pavers to raise it up a bit more, to hopefully use for all my herb plants. Maybe even a tomato plant or two. I just hope it’s easy enough to build! It’s long and narrow so I can put it against the fence and hopefully that will be a deterrent for the dogs getting close to the fence and other dogs, but also a neat way to have a garden that’s easier to maintain. Hopefully.

Well, it’s time for me to get to work on writing. Or editing. I still need to finish one more bear. I’ll try to get it done tonight. I ordered some more fun bear fabrics to play with too.

Have a lovely day!! I’m excited about getting mine started!

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