Roseate Spoonbill Wading–Photo Art

Roseate Spoonbill wading in the water. I did a Topaz Labs oil on top of it, and added fish to the water. This one was at the Houston Zoo, but we saw one flying overhead here too.

I’m on chapter 9 of edits on The Best of Both Wolves and enjoying the re-read. I wrote it last year, so I forgot all that I had written. On the story, the editor asks, “Are there tornadoes in Portland, Oregon?”

Not while I lived there, but we are now into Weirder Weather time. And so in 2019 they had a tornado and in 2020 they had three. So yes, they’ve have tornadoes in Portland, Oregon. I do research. Really, I do.

Does Houston get category 5 hurricanes? Not usually. Do we get 9 degree weather for a whole week? Not usually. And snow? And ice? Not usually. Though we’ve had snow twice before during a winter season over a period of 2 years since I’ve lived here in 6 years, before the latest snow. See? Weirder Weather.

I had where the rain was coming down hard, then dropped to a light shower and the editor asked, “Can it do that so quickly?” Uhm, yes. It can pour violently, stop, shower, shower, pour violently, be like a heavy fog, go to big water droplets, but not really a heavy downpour, then go to a heavy downpour or stop, or….. Really? Of course. Rain can do all kinds of things, in all kinds of order. It can fall in one spot and not another, or lightly in one spot and heavy in another at the same time. Heck, I’ve had rain in the backyard–pouring down cats and dogs rain and then out front? Nothing! Or half a mile away at my daughter’s house, it can be pouring and I don’t have a drop of rain. The same when I lived a half mile from my mom. One of us would have a downpour and the other wouldn’t, when we both wanted it!

The baby hasn’t come yet. Every time I go out to weed or replant or plant, I forget my phone and then have to check it to see if my son-in-law has called to say I have to drive him to my daughter’s workplace so he can take her in her car to deliver the baby. Or when I’ve gone to bed, worrying that they’ll drop off little one in the middle of the night and I’ll have to get her settled somewhere. Any minute now, the baby could come.

So today I had planned on all kinds of outdoor activities with little one. A walk to a pond to take pictures by a bank of yellow irises, planting more flower seeds (yesterday, she was looking for the ones we planted two days ago, asking where the flowers were, lol), and playing in the sprinkler. But we’re supposed to get storms all morning through tomorrow. Hmm, the baby will come then. At least that’s what some sources say. Storms=more deliveries.

The baby is due tomorrow, so maybe. Though it was full term a couple of weeks ago.

So, little one and I will probably be doing lots of indoor activities instead of outdoor activities today and tomorrow.

Hope you all have a beautiful day. We are supposed to have thunderstorms, not just rain. But I can always use the rain. I’m hoping to get a couple of more chapters edited before little one gets here. I have 20 to go! Just finished edits on You Had Me at Cougar. 300 more words and I’ll have a 1,000. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Roseate Spoonbill Wading–Photo Art

  1. Editor has never lived in Kansas! Came out of class on summer and one side of a large street was dry, the other half was wet! I always chuckle when they show a pic of a tornado here in Cal. It is almost just a line on the screen, compared to the 3-5 range of a tornado in Kansas. Have dived for the cellar in Wichita several time when the sirens started going off! Last time that happened I had to wake my husband and then go wake my parents. Had to explain to hubby what they were ( he was born and raised in Germany) and then get my parents as we were visiting them. What bothered me more than the sirens was the fact my parents could not hear them!

    • Exactly! You poor thing with having them in Kansas! We don’t even have sirens here, and when I lived in Central Texas, we didn’t out in the country either. That’s awful that your parents couldn’t hear them!! I think we’re supposed to get alerts on our phone. That’s one problem with living here. We can have tornadoes, tropical storms, and hurricanes!

  2. I once watched the rain march across the street in Athens, TX. We were looking out the window of the store where I worked and you could see rain on the other side of the street. I drove from Athens to Malakoff once and it had poured hard all day in Athens. Non stop rain. Drove home through it, got to the Malakoff City Limits and poof no rain, bright sunshine, like driving through a wall.

    • Exactly!! The same here. I’d be on the highway going home and you could see a wall of water coming down up ahead on the road! And once you reached it, you were in a downpour.

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