Baby Bear on a Rug

This was my first picture of the baby, and he’s a dream to work with. My granddaughter didn’t like her arms or legs confined. Forget swaddling. 

Well, the baby is a sleeper, so it was easy for me to dress him and redress him and dress him over again for pictures. Big sister adores him–so far. I took a few of the 2 of them. But last night, she fell out of bed twice, she said, and came to get me. The first time, I managed to get her back to sleep at 1, but I couldn’t sleep. About 4:30, I was sound asleep and she came in at 5:30, so that was the end of me trying to sleep. Then my daughter said they didn’t get any sleep. I’m off to get them kolaches this morning, me a chocolate donut, and little one donut holes. And then we’ll take turns taking naps. lol

I may take her again tonight, but this time, I’ll set the rocking chair next to the bed so she can’t fall out. I didn’t know what’s what was happening! We were watching a beautiful program about colorful animals in the wild and thoroughly enjoying it. She would stay up all night, but once I start brushing my teeth, she wants to brush hers and we’re off to bed. Then I was editing. I guess I should have been sleeping. lol

My SIL is getting his first COVID vaccination this afternoon, so I’m really glad for that. We’re not out of the woods until a whole lot more people are vaccinated. My DIL gets her second one next week, my son got his on Thursday.

Okay, got to get going.

Have a super fun day! I know I will!! Sleep deprived and all.


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4 thoughts on “Baby Bear on a Rug

  1. I like his hair, mine stuck straight out like that when I was young, drove me nuts. No matter what I did it always looked like I just got out of bed.

    Just funnin with ya

    That is a fine looking youngun right there !!!

    • ha-ha! Too funny!!! He’s the sleepiest baby I’ve ever seen. I told my daughter he would be more chill, but… 🙂

  2. Terry he looks so adorable. Great picture. I love it. Good luck with big sister. Sounds like a handful.

    • I need to get a railing for big sister for her bed. lol It’s been wild, but we’re having fun. Big sister was running in my sprinklers with one of my dogs, and staying overnight again. Hopefully, she won’t fall out of bed tonight. 🙂

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